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Welcome to SweHosting

SweHosting's History and Aspirations.
The journey from the Garage to data centres around the world

The first spark for SweHosting was lit in spring 2019. This was when our founder, Johan, had become increasingly familiar with the technology scene and hosting his own applications.
"I quickly realised that this was something I was passionate about, something I loved to do."

However, SweHosting was not an instant success. It got off to a slow start and customers were few and far between.
In 2020 there was not much development, but then came 2021. Motivation had been given a new start and Johan began to push hard. New servers were purchased, we started renting in several different data centres across Europe.
This was the year it was supposed to happen.
In the autumn of 2021 it happened, the explosive growth he had been waiting for. More and more customers came in and word began to spread.
Now SweHosting really started to establish itself and development began to take off.
That's about where we are today, in the midst of growth and rapid development.

Our Goal with SweHosting

SweHosting always strives to offer quality products at really good prices. In addition, we of course invest in excellent and knowledgeable support to help you if problems should arise.

Our Vision is to keep the International hosting industry renewable with good quality

We are constantly developing our data centres, which are of course powered by renewable energy. Of course, we also contribute to an increased development in the modern and complex scene in which we hosting companies find ourselves in.

The team at SweHosting

Below you will find all the wonderful people who made
it is possible to create and continue running SweHosting.

Johan Karlsson

Technical Responsible and Head of Operations.
Founded SweHosting in 2019.
[email protected]

Liam G

Member of SweHosting's Support Team since 2022. Speaks Swedish and English

[email protected]

*Open Position*

Feel like taking on something new? Do you think you have something to contribute? Send an email to "[email protected]"

*Open Position*

Feel like taking on something new? Do you think you have something to contribute? Send an email to "[email protected]"